Step into your own inherent power

Become the person you are meant to be with Rosannah & Emily's Teacher Training


Take a journey of self discovery. Become the best version of yourself as you grow physically, mentally and spiritually.


We want to create a movement of teachers to continue to share these teachings so that more people can experience living comfortably, healthy and happily.

What you will get from the training

Deepen your own Practice

In the Age of Experience to share and teach something, you have to of experienced it yourself. In this training we will hold space for you to experience the Asana's (poses) in a new way, so that you are able to guide students safely, mindfully, and clearly from pose to pose.

Overcome challenges

A Teacher Training is a disguise for an extended Retreat! Whether or not you dream to be a Yoga Teacher, learning how to Teach is an opportunity for you to develop and transform yourself and potentially change your life. The journey of becoming a teacher, holds an endless number of lessons, just like the practice itself. 

Learn mindfulness

Becoming a Yoga Teacher isn't just about learning Sanskrit names and how to design a class. It's an opportunity to develop yourself, learning how to lead and what it means to be a leader, finding your voice and becoming more confidence in your Self.

Join a community

Be in company of other like-minded individuals. Learn to work as a team and move through a transformational experience in a community of fellow Yoga lovers. Be a part of a conscious, open-hearted community, creating new friendships and making lifelong memories.

Not your average Teacher Training

Rosannah's brings her own passion and expertise to the training, making it a teacher training like no other


Delving deep into the accient philosophies. Studying the sutras, yamas and niyammas.


Get a basic understanding of Astrology and learn how to use the power of Astrology to tap into the collective conciousness.


Understand how to do business in this new age. Bringing the Yoga teaching into how you do business.

What is your 'Why'?

Whether your dream is to teach Yoga or deeply explore your passion, Rosannah’s Teacher Training program provides a great opportunity to learn about meditation, yoga philosophy, alignment as well as advance & deepen your personal practice.  

This teacher training is for more than just the aspiring yoga teacher. It is for anyone looking for direction or simply searching for a deeper understanding of yoga.  


Meet Rosannah

Rosannah is the Founder and Owner of Pluto Yoga Studio and everything Dae Gi. She has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to sharing Yogic teachings all over the world, in places such as Bali, Morocco, Cape Town, LA, London and the Maldives. Rosannah first started to practice as a way of overcoming depression and social anxiety, and like most, her life was transformed. She has since been on a mission to share the tools and techniques that helped her heal. Her passion is in the practice behind the Yoga, the ancient philosophical teachings that continue to guide her.  

What's included

The real practice is in the study

We will do a deep dive into Pranayama (breathwork), the Bandha's (body locks), Drishti (gaze), as well as sharing the art of intuitive assits. And how to intergrate them into a class with intelligent and artful sequencing.

Main emphasis will be put on the Philosophy and Ethics of Yoga and Meditation, as this is where the real teachings of the practice lie.

Extra Study:

Other areas of extra study include:

  • Aquarian Forward Thinking Business Teachings
  • Fundamentals of Kundalini Energetics
  • A Basics of Astrology

You will get :

Training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and Printed Manuals; Asana, Sutras, Anatomy, Teaching Tools.

Discounts for Pluto Yoga Studio

Teacher trainees will receive a 20% discount on drop-ins & multi class packs at Pluto Yoga Studio for the duration of the training. Excludes unlimited memberships and not to be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Discover your true calling

A Vinyasa Teacher Training may be exactly what you need to take your life on the journey you desire. Sign today and find your purpose.

"When I started at Pluto I had no idea what yoga was. I tried Rosannah’s lesson and fell in love! The music, the ambiance, the flow- it was a new world to me. The topics Rosannah speaks about are always empowering and gives me the best motivation to flow and live my best life. I have become much more aware of my body, my reactions in society and how I perceive things. Every time I finish practicing with Rosannah, I feel ready to conquer the world! Where ever I travel I always tell everyone about Pluto and Rosannah, I feel incredibly blessed to have found such an amazing magical place to practice and feel even more grateful to find a teacher like Rosannah"

- Eden (Herzilya, Israel)


This course will run over the weekend with two 'late night study' sessions. With one week off every two weeks.

*Dates to be confirmed

*Email or call us for more information


phone number: 05


Monday 19:30 - 21:30

Thursday 19:30 - 21:30

Friday 1:30 – 18:30

Saturday 8:30 – 16:00


This is the opportunity to connect to your Truth, your Heart Wisdom, and to share your light with the world! 

If you have a curiosity for understanding the body and mind, are interested in personal growth and a desire to serve the collective good, this is a training for you!

Are you ready to light up the world?!

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*This is a non-refundable deposit

Full Price: 2000 NIS/ £400

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We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Early Bird: 11650 NIS (Paid in Full before  December 1st)

Full Price: 13705 NIS

To secure your space a non-returnable deposit of 2000 NIS

*These costs include all tuition, a manual as well as final exam classes and your teaching diploma. In addition you will need to purchase the books listed on the reading list  

I am not sure I want to teach is this program for me ?

Yes. These 3 months are an intense experience to deepen your own relationship to this practice. Many students are unsure when they enter if teaching is in their future. While we do spend a great deal of time practicing to teach and assist our fellow students, the inner journey of self awareness that is this practice of yoga can be life changing. In the process of helping others learn how to practice more effectively, it is amazing how much we learn about deepening our own practice.

What is your cancelation policy?

No refunds will be given after the start of the course. The initial deposit is non-refundable

*Course leaders reserves the right to cancel the course in advance if a minimum number of students are not registered


Are there any discounts on classes/workshops for trainees?

Yes. Teacher trainees will receive a 20% discount on drop-ins & multi class packs at Pluto Yoga Studio for the duration of the training. *Excludes unlimited memberships and not to be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Is attendance for all sessions mandatory? What if I have to miss a class?

Yes attendance is mandatory for all sessions. If you know in advance that you will need to miss a class, make-up assignments may be given if appropriate.  

Is this program Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes! You will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200 after completing this program and receiving your teaching certificate.  


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